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2020-03-13: This site is going to be decommissioned and shut down very soon. Please copy and archive any data you wish to keep ASAP

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Summary A free mobile network
Category techcomm
License Apache License
Owner(s) oiva

OIVA is an open source network, based in the widely used Bluetooth technology and a new advertising model called RoutePay. Our goal is to make a global community of people who allow the routing of context through his Bluetooth connection and have the opportunity to earn money for that.

Making free send/receive SMS over the world for any person who has just a Bluetooth device!

The aim of this project is to use the facilities that Bluetooth devices have, allowing to any user send/receive any kind of content like SMS, MMS to/from other users who has a another Bluetooth device.

RoutePay is a layer of communication that allows the communication between advertisers and users, this communications is based on the analyzing of the information that a RoutePay node is routing.

    Following constraints have been defined for the protocol of communication:

  • The advertiser agree to pay a X mount of money for Y mount of SMS that have been routed to relevant users interested about the advertiser product.
  • A RoutePay node agrees to route SMS from users to other users.
  • A RoutePay node agrees to receive a Z amount of money for each SMS from the advertiser that have been routed to users that are using the node.
  • Any user can register on free way to be a RoutePay node and start to earn money.
The project is based in a Peer-to-Peer technology, where it mainly has three entities:

  • OIVA User: Is a person who has registered on the OIVA network, where he/she can send/receive SMS in a FREE way to other OIVA users.

  • RoutePay node: Is any Bluetooth device that have been configured to work with RoutePay protocol, allowing to owner to earn money for each SMS advertiser that have been routed through the node to final users. The mainly task is to search for OIVA users and give them the correct SMS, if the user is not found then talk with other RoutePay through the OIVA Network to find the specific RoutePay node where at the moment is the user registered.

  • OIVA Network: Is a collection of RoutePay nodes that have been connected through Bluetooth or Internet.

  • OIVA Architecture
    OIVA Architecture

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